Thursday, July 31, 2014

PEP TALK for moms

This one's for all you supermoms. Yep, I'm looking at you. 

Since the day my daughter was born, I've become completely in awe of moms everywhere. Once I learned just how demanding and consuming motherhood is, I see things with new eyes, almost as if I had a LASIK procedure performed on my heart. Things are so much clearer to me now.  

I can't tell you how many times I've thought how does she do that? as I watch moms around me just doing what they do. (AKA, being AWESOME.)

Like when I see the mom at Target wrangling her four children under four and I think it's the most amazing feat I've ever witnessed. (Now I ask her if she could use a hand.) Or when I see the mom's Facebook posts about being glued to her baby's isolette in the NICU, never wanting to leave, and I wonder where she finds her strength? Surely I would never survive a trial of that magnitude. (Now I actually pray for her instead of just saying I will.) Or when I hear a baby losing it's little mind in a restaurant, I no longer feel aggravation, but instead compassion. (We all have those moments with our babies. We just want to enjoy a dinner out too!)

If you're a mom, you've had a moment like this. In fact, you've had countless unseen moments just like this, when it's just you and your baby. I could list so many examples, but they're all the same really. Selflessness. Unconditional love. Pushing through the hard moments and reveling in the sweet ones. That kind of unrelenting love that was first modeled for us by the Father. It's so powerful. And you embody that love in a million tiny little ways every day. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5 month update

My baby girl is 5 months old.  As in almost half a year old. Sadface. 
But also happyface because it just gets more and more fun. She's so interactive 
and observant now, and just makes me laugh all day long.

Nicknames: Baby girl, Avenator (thanks, Mimi), Boo Boo, Avie
Eye Color: still a blueish gray color
Hair: the top is getting longer, and so is the rat tail...I refuse to cut it despite pressures 
from certain grandparents who shall remain nameless.
Who does she look like? Mostly Brandon I think, but when she smiles she looks like my baby pictures.
Weight: my guess is 16 lbs but we won't have an exact weight until her check up next month.
Height: no idea. But girlfriend has some loooong legs
Clothing: some 3 months, but mostly 6 month sizes
Favorite toys: Sofie the Giraffe teethers, Taggies blanket, mostly anything 
she can chew on...including her hands and feet.
Love or Hate Baths: Love
Crib or Parents' Room: Crib
Pacifier?: She chews on her WubbaNub paci, but still doesn't suck on it.
Routine: eating every 3 hours during the day. down to 2 long naps and 1 short 
nap a day for the most part. 
Food: still only breastmilk 
Nighttime sleep: 10pm-ish to 7am
Teething?: I actually just caught a glimpse of a tooth still under her gums!
Rolling over?: Only onto her side.
Sleeps: on her side with her hands up by her face.
New discoveries/ Milestones: starting to grasp onto bottle, playful shrieking, still sticking her tongue out all the time, copying sounds, sucking on toes :)