Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aven's first beach experiences! {summer recap}

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I have to be honest. 

Last year Brandon and I went on a little Babymoon/Anniversary getaway to South Florida when I was about 5 months pregnant. While we were there I just kept thinking, I'll never get to experience the beach like this again. Next summer will be so different with a baby. Brandon reassured me that it would be just as much fun, if not more so, to have our baby along with us. I wasn't convinced. All I could imagine was the extra work involved. (I realize that this sounds extremely pessimistic....I just call it realism!)

Well I was partly right. It was more complicated. It was different. It required loads more crap crammed into the back of our getting-smaller-by-the-day-Civic, as well as loads more crap carried down to the beach for just an hour or two by the water. But Brandon was also right. It was a good different. It was way more fun, I have to say. It was both busier, and more laid back. I know that math doesn't quite work out - but it's true.

I learned that there's nothing like introducing your new babe to something you love. It just makes you love it that much more.


*Picture overload coming. I promise, you won't mind. She is ridiculously cute on normal occasions, but throw in a beach - getouttahere!

So Aven's very first beach trip was a last-minute getaway with my parents and brother, and my brother's friend. {Initially I was hesitant since Brandon would be missing her first beach experience, but we went anyway at his urging.} We had a great time. Lots of extra hands to help and love on Aven. She was pretty well behaved even with a tooth that came in while we were there. And it was a great "trial" run for us so I would know how to prepare for the next trip.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aven Harper is 6 months old! {Monthly Update}

This blue-eyed ray of sunshine is SIX months old. I can't believe we're already halfway through her first year! I'm trying to savor each day, each phase, each milestone. This past month was filled with lots of firsts, some fun and some really tough. Some coming within just days of each other. Might have broken my mama heart just a little with all her growing, but I'm loving this stage so much.

Now we play with the props. :)

I joke about her being my BFF but let's be real; we do everything together. Heck, if I could strap her in her new Ergo and take her with me to work, I totally would. She might even soften up the cranky patients a bit.