Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Vintage Honey Shop {a teething necklace review}

I distinctly remember when I was no longer able to wear my favorite jewelry pieces, especially the gold necklace I received for my first Mother's Day that has my daughter's name engraved on it. It's a piece I LOVE and would wear every second if I knew my (almost) one year old wouldn't rip it right off my neck! Aven was right around four months old when she became quite the grabby little thing and also began teething, so everything ended up in her mouth. I started searching for some alternative jewelry options and discovered The Vintage Honey Shop on Etsy. Their handmade fabric teething necklaces are fun for moms to wear and safe for babies to chew on. Win-win!

My first warning: The hardest part is picking a necklace. Honestly - there are so many pretty fabrics to choose from it's nearly impossible to narrow down to a few a favorites.

Once you order, it ships very quickly. (yay....happy mail!)

Second warning: Despite your excitement, you may actually hesitate to rip open the packaging because it comes so beautifully wrapped! I had to snap this picture just to prove my point.

Bonus: if you're purchasing for a mama friend, it's totally ready for gifting. They will even ship it right to the recipient if you need them to. (I keep an ongoing list of my favorite go-to gift ideas and these are definitely at the top of the list. They are affordable and make a unique gift to bring to a baby shower, gender reveal, or when you're visiting to see the new baby.) I love that they will make a mom feel special and a little bit pampered, but it passes as a baby gift as well!

These nursing/teething necklaces are made with natural wooden beads making them very lightweight and safe for your baby to chew on. They also tie sweetly with a ribbon so your baby can't break it accidentally and you can adjust the length of the necklace. You can choose one with or without the wooden teething ring (my favorite necklace is one with the ring!). Don't worry about it getting dirty - it inevitably will - and it's easy to clean (just a little soapy water and then air dry). I would know...we dropped ours in a baseball stadium of all places.

Your necklace can be worn all the time, but they come in especially handy while carrying your baby, baby-wearing in a sling or carrier, and during feeding times (not just nursing, but also bottle-feeding). Aven is what I call an "active" eater - she likes to stay on the move even at meal times - kicking her legs, pulling my hair, picking fuzz off my shirt - constantly. This necklace gives her something to grab hold of and keeps her occupied. I've even tied it onto the shopping cart cover to keep her happy in the grocery store!

Hands down, my favorite thing about these teething necklaces is that they are both beautiful and functional. As a new mom, that combination is GOLDEN.

P.S.!! The Vintage Honey Shop is currently running a Valentine's special! Use code LOVE14 for 14% your order! 

Thanks to the Vintage Honey Shop for providing this necklace for me to review. I'm always excited to share about products I love and believe in, and this is definitely one of those. All of the opinions in this review are 100% mine and 100% honest. :)


  1. I love reading your post!! You write in such an interesting tone!! Also, I love this necklace idea!! Great shower gifts!!

    Nina Carter

  2. That necklace is gorgeous and you and your sweet girl are adorable!