Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For the Love {book release today!}

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Do you guys remember this post about how I became part of a sisterhood tribe led by Jen Hatmaker? If you need a reminder, I was given the opportunity to be part of the launch team for Jen's new book, and finally it's the big day - For the Love officially released today! I'm joining in on the book's Blog Tour along with other bloggers who inspire me. (To learn more and join us, click here.)

image by Joana Studer

One of the (huge) perks of being a Launch Team member is that some of our endorsements were actually published in the front of the book! What an honor. Mine was not chosen, but after reading through the ones that were selected, this one by Katie Howard stood out to me because it's exactly how I feel about the book:

"If you're looking for just another book by just another Christian author, this is not the book for you. Jen transcends the lines between Christian and secular culture through her humor and personable nature. Identifying the common threads that run through each of us, regardless of faith, creates a platform for women to be united. For the Love is the book you place into the hands of every woman in your life, believer or unbeliever." 

(Ps. Katie is hosting a giveaway on her blog if you want a chance to win a copy of the book!)

In true Jen Hatmaker fashion, this book colors outside the lines. It's brave and bold and unapologetic. It's all wrapped in the theme of love. She speaks Biblical Truths on one page and Fashion Truths (i.e., leggings aren't pants) on the next. She is a lover of community and freedom in Christ, and makes it her mission to help us all find this for ourselves.

image by Carrie Ann Easton

I can't even convey the hilarity and relatability of this book - but I will say I laughed OUT LOUD while reading her words. Like, more than once. Okay, many times, so just prepared. And keep that in mind when reading it in public. 

image by Michelle Discavage
(I have found this to be 100% true and just wrote about pursuing community in motherhood here)

For the Love is basically your girlfriend inside of two book covers. You know the one - the one who really gets it. And gets you. 

Jen gets it.

For the love, just read this book. As Jen says, "Be kind, be you, love Jesus."  After all, those are the only things that really matter. 

** Also, I just want to say to any of #the500 who read this, it has been an honor to be among you in this Launch Team process. You are some of the most amazing people I know! And the funniest. Duh. I think I may see if there is a need for professional Book Launchers because it just sounds like the perfect career path for me. :) **

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